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Successful Branding Solutions For Our Clients

A company’s brand is one of it’s most valuable assets. Properly developed and managed, it can add significantly to the value of a company and can contribute to higher multiples upon an exit or transition.

At WBA, we approach building or reinvigorating brands as a disciplined, research-based process. It begins with consumer/customer insight to identify the need(s) and then builds a brand promise based on this insight.

From the brand promise, we work to develop a formal positioning statement, and brand strategy, which then lays the groundwork for creative execution and the brand marketing plan.

Wes brings extensive experience in brand development, strategic marketing and senior management. A former CEO of one of the world’s largest marketing services agencies, he understands both the theory and practicality of real world consumer and B2B marketing. He has client side experience in brand management and sales with Kraft General Foods and with Pepsico. He has over two decades of strategic marketing consulting experience across a wide range of categories, domestic and international. Wes has an BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard.

Sharon has over 25 years of consulting and research experience and brings a true analytical approach to every project. She has extensive experience in both consumer and retail marketing, as well as data analysis. Sharon has a BS from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Wes Bray & Associates is a senior management consultancy, specializing in brand development and marketing strategy. The principals of the firm, Wes Bray and Sharon Goehring Bray, have between them over 50 years of branding, senior management, marketing and business analysis experience.